Learn how-to create a Calendar app using Bubble

How-to Create a Calendar Scheduling Web App Using Bubble.io No Code Development – Part 6

In this 6th video on creating a fully-functional Calendar app using Bubble, you’ll learn how to send confirmation emails from the Calendar app once a Client has selected an appointment time.

In the video, you will also learn how to create a link to your app that has the data for the Client’s specific appointment.  This is very powerful functionality because it allows you to provide your Client a link so they can see the appointment’s information and also the ability to cancel an appointment.  So when your Client clicks on the link from the email, they will automatically go to a page in your Calendar app with that specific appointment’s details.  And they don’t need an account or login to see the info.  A very nice feature from Bubble.

If you missed the earlier videos in this how-to series, you can find them here.  You can also check-out blog post #1, post #2post #3,  post #4 and post #5

Thanks for checking out my blog and watching this how-to series.  We’re starting to get to the end of this series.  If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.  Thank you for interest and your time.

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