How to create a Calendar app using Bubble

How-to Create a Calendar Scheduling Web App Using No Code Development – Part 3

In this third part of the series on how to create a Calendar App using Bubble, you are going to see how to create a Client’s view of the calendar.

Since the Client doesn’t need to create an account and log into the app, you actually need to add another calendar element.  This will allow you to create your “availability” dates  and your Clients can select which time slot(s) they want.  If you didn’t add a Client calendar, there wouldn’t be a way for your app to let your Client’s know which time slots were still available once a time has been reserved.

An alternate design approach would be to require your Clients to create their own login.  Then you can add logic to differentiate your view and their view.

If you missed the earlier videos in this how-to series, you can find them here.  I hope you find these videos helpful on your journey to create your own web-apps using Bubble.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a message below or on the YouTube Channel.  Thank you for your interest.

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