Learn How-to Save Time & Money with App Development

Hi – my name is Nikolai Markovich. I coach small/medium sized business owners and founders how to save time and money developing apps. The core technology I use to achieve those outcomes is Bubble.

Bubble is a “code-less” web-app development platform which allows sophisticated apps to be created in less time and with less money than traditional development approaches.  The days of sky-high quotes and multi-month lead-times are over.

Learn How-to Protect Your Intellectual Property

While I will do development work for clients, ideally I like to coach my clients on how to develop apps using Bubble; teach them “how to fish” so to speak.  I strongly believe companies need to have in-house technical competence to create and maintain their own apps because those apps are typically of strategic importance to those companies; their “crown-jewels”.  You don’t want a third-party in control of your Intellectual Property, do you?

Why Wait – Your Competition Isn’t!

You’re probably looking to create a business process app, i.e. a quoting tool for Sales, or have a product idea, i.e. the “Uber of pet-sitting”, but need a cost-effective alternative to the expensive, traditional full-stack, native app approach.  Let’s talk.  In my experience, once clients understand what Bubble can do for them, there’s no going back.  Bubble is a game-changer for them and can be for you too!

Read What My Clients Say

I met with Nikolai on the Bubble forum. He was knowledgeable and quick to respond to questions I had concerning the platform. I privately messaged him to ask for a private lesson to look at my application more in depth. Through the call he was knowledgeable and informative about how to operate within the platform, and helped me connect some dots that I was previously missing.”  – Andrew Trentor, Owner, Aurabloom Lead Generation.  (https://www.aurabloom.com)

I was shocked by the pricing on bids we solicited for a basic working demo of our product concept.  Nikolai was able to create more functionality, in  less time, at a much more attractive price using Bubble.  While I’d never heard of the Bubble tool before, it enabled Nikolai to deliver the functionality in a month, and we were able to get valuable feedback from Beta customers.  I’m sold!” – David A, Co-founder, Anonymous Startup

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Check out both my Blog Posts and my Free Resources for material to help get you started.  I also publish videos on Youtube which show you “fingers on keyboard” examples of how-to create functional apps such as a free peer-to-peer video calling.

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