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So you’ve discovered and learned how you can quickly take your ideas and vision for a no code app and turn it into reality. You’ve read through Bubble’s forums or watched YouTube channels to learn how to add buttons, repeating groups, custom states or any other Bubble topics. All the steps needed to create the features and functionality in your app

The skies the limit with what you can do

But as you’ve been creating your no code app with all the cool features customers will want to pay for, in the back of your mind you’ve been thinking “how do I setup payment processing so I can charge customers?

Not surprisingly you’ve seen people talk about Stripe in the Bubble forums because Stripe is a globally recognized financial services company which handles 250 millions API requests per day.

But it seems complicated and somewhat confusing to implement.

And you need answers to your questions on how to implement Stripe in your app.

Generally you can find answers to your Bubble questions in the forums. But it takes time. And unless you can get access to a reference design you will likely need to spend even more time doing “trial and error” work to figure it out.

And implementing Stripe not only includes design work to support Payment Method and Payment Intent, but you also need to understand the data in your dashboard in Stripe, like this one:

Stripe’s Payment Dashboard

Hey – what is this Payment Method and Payment Intent stuff anyway?

Stripe’s Payment Method and Payment Intent Can Be Complicated But Not With Step By Step Directions

Because Stripe is such a large company they offer lots of different online financial transaction capabilities such as one-time payments and subscription payments. To enable these capabilities they leverage Payment Method and Payment Intent to provide flexibility and scalability on a global scale.

At a very simple definition, a Payment Method is simply a way of paying for something such as a credit or debit card. And Payment Intent can be thought of as a way in which the end-to-end financial transaction is managed.

For instance, when you go to an online storefront to buy something, you first choose something and add it to your cart. Then to click a button to complete the transaction. The Payment Method is the credit card you use to pay for the item and the Payment Intent is how Stripe interacts with the storefront (ie your Bubble no code app) throughout the transaction. And part of that interaction also includes security and fraud detection. Check out this link for more info on Payment Method and Payment Intent.

And if you’re selling to a global market, particularly in Europe, you’ll need to make sure your Bubble app is has Strong Customer Authentication (“SCA”) which you can learn more about here.

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