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How-to Create a Calendar Scheduling Web App Using No Code Development – Part 1

This is the first in a series of How-to posts which will show you how to create a calendar scheduling app using Bubble.  At a high level, this app will allow a user to show their “availability” times and dates so clients can go to the app and pick times to meet. Hair stylists, accountants, consultants, tutors, lifestyle coaches, etc all need some way to schedule their appointments.  Having a calendar showing their availability makes it easier for coordinating times to meet with clients.

These how-to videos are intended to show you the “start-to-finish” creation of an app thru videos found on Echo Lake Technologies’ Youtube channel.  So instead of providing videos showing how to create disparate “pieces” of functionality, this video series will be cumulative, starting with this first video showing how to create user-login functionality.

You can think of the video series as a sort of a “video book” on how to create an app with each video being a chapter in the book.  And the videos will be structured such that you can look at each video individually and learn something about creating an app.  For instance, in the first video you’ll learn how to create user accounts in Bubble.  In addition to basic text and input functionality, you’ll also see how inputs and buttons are used with workflows.  The video also shows how to use a popup window.  Subsequent videos will cover creation of a calendar, the data structure needed and the user experience from the calendar “owner” as well as clients.

Hopefully you will find this unique how-to approach for creating an app in Bubble helpful because it provides you the context of an actual app.  Having this perspective can make your journey up the learning curve faster, easier and more enjoyable.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a reply below or leave a comment in the Youtube channel.  Thank you.

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