How-to create a Calendar Repeating Group using Bubble.

How-to Create a Calendar Scheduling App – Part 4

In this fourth part of the series on how to create a Calendar App using Bubble, you are going to see how to use what’s called a Repeating Group in Bubble.  A Repeating Group is a way in which you can show a list of data.  In the Calendar example, the Repeating Group will be showing your Clients a list of available time-slots from which they can choose.

Additionally, the duration of each available time slot has been added.  A dropdown menu has been added showing all of the available durations.  So if you have 8 1-hour time slots and 3 2-hour time slots, your Clients can choose to look at only the 1-hour time slots or only the 2-hour time slots (or all durations if they’d like).  You can see the video on the Echo Lake Technologies YouTube channel.

If you missed the earlier videos in this how-to series, you can find them here.  You can also check-out blog post #1, post #2 and post #3.

I hope you find these videos helpful on your journey to create your own web-apps using Bubble.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a message below.  Thank you for your interest.

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