About Me

My background is in technology and product development. While most of my career has been at a large technology company, technology startups have always been a fascination.

So when I took a hiatus from the corporate world to start my own company which depended on an app, I was fortunate to have found Bubble as the application Platform-as-a-Service (“PaaS”) I needed to create and deploy my app. Even though my company which was focused on mentoring college students didn’t succeed, I saw what an incredible cost-effective development platform Bubble was. And creating no-code web apps could be done with incredible speed, i.e. days, not weeks or months. A game-changer for startups – and for people without Engineering degrees!

As my interest and skills in Bubble grew I found an opportunity to leverage my experiences, knowledge and skills to help people develop their own no-code web apps. I started Echo Lake Technologies with the goal to help individuals, small/medium businesses, startups and “side-hustlers” create no-code web-apps quickly and with minimal cost. Bubble is the development platform in which I help people accomplish this goal.

I have also found that Bubble is a great for developing a minimum viable products (“MVP”) quickly and without breaking the bank (I’m speaking from personal experience).

I also enjoy creating free YouTube videos showing how-to implement various features using Bubble. And if you want to charge customers in your Bubble app, I’ve created a few courses on how-to implement Stripe

For extracurricular activities, I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing and  distance running which so far has included running 3 marathons one of which was the Boston Marathon.  When our kids were younger, I also coached boy’s soccer and lacrosse.

Top of Mt Washington with Family Boston Marathon kayak at lake

Thank you for stopping by – I hope you find something both interesting and useful.  Feel free to contact me for help on your no-code Bubble.io app journey.

Read What My Clients Say

I met with Nikolai on the Bubble forum. He was knowledgeable and quick to respond to questions I had concerning the platform. I privately messaged him to ask for a private lesson to look at my application more in depth. Through the call he was knowledgeable and informative about how to operate within the platform, and helped me connect some dots that I was previously missing.”  – Andrew Trentor, Owner, Aurabloom Lead Generation.  (https://www.aurabloom.com)

I was shocked by the pricing on bids we solicited for a basic working demo of our product concept.  Nikolai was able to create more functionality, in  less time, at a much more attractive price using Bubble.  While I’d never heard of the Bubble tool before, it enabled Nikolai to deliver the functionality in a month, and we were able to get valuable feedback from Beta customers.  I’m sold!” – David A, Co-founder, Anonymous Startup