Collect Payments Using Stripe In Your No Code Web App Today!

One of the features you’ll want to add in your no code web app is the ability to charge your customers. The most common type of online business models are retailer, subscription (and SaaS) and marketplaces. Chances are your no code web app falls into one of these categories. Stripe is one of the most well known companies today with a rich set of online transaction capabilities which support all of these models.

Stripe.js Plugin

You may have heard of Stripe but wondered how to add Stripe into your Bubble no code web app. You could use Stripe’s robust set of API’s but in the spirit of helping you reduce your web app’s time to value, the Stripe.js plugin is a great way to go.

If you click on the “Plugins” Tab shown below you can search’s list of plugins.

Plugins Tab

You’ll want to search for “stripe.js” in which you’ll see the following:

Stripe.js Plugin

This FREE plugin will allow you to setup a web app to sell products, ie an online retailer or recurring services as a subscription. The Stripe.js plugin will also let you setup a marketplace web app using Stripe Connect allowing you to take a cut of what your customers sell on your web app. Great ways for you to make money!

Stripe’s Payment Method and Payment Intent

Part of Stripe’s ability to support all of these features are due to two things, Payment Method and Payment Intent. Payment Method is simply the way a person will pay for an item online such as a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, digital wallets, etc. The Payment Intent is a bit more complex but think of it as the end to end process of someone wanting to purchase an item on your web app to having money transferred to your Stripe account.

Both Payment Method and Payment Intent go together. For instance, imagine when your customer comes to your web app and shops around. They are intending to buy something. Eventually they add an item or two to their checkout cart. Then they enter their credit card information and hit the payment button. A few moments later they get confirmation that the transaction is complete (and you have more money in your account!)

Stripe manages that complete transaction for you. And the Stripe.js plugin simplifies adding this capability to your no code web app. Using Payment Method and Payment Intent allow you to fairly quickly add simple payment transactions or monthly/yearly subscriptions to setting up a marketplace and taking a percentage or fixed-fee from your customers. When you use no code development like, you can quickly and relatively easily monetize your web app my implementing Stripe.js.

In conclusion

The Stripe.js plugin will help you quickly setup payment processing in your no code web app. And the quicker you have it implemented, the quicker you can charge people and put money in your pocket.

Check out this course overview and implement Stripe in your no code app today!

7-day money back guarantee!

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