Don’t Lose Customers Because You Haven’t Implemented Strong Customer Authentication (“SCA”) in Your No Code Web App!

Make Online Payments More Secure for Your EU Customers

Strong Customer Authentication (“SCA”) is a European Union requirement to improve online payment security and reduce fraud within the European Economic Area. This requirement has been in effect since September 14, 2019 but has a final deadline of December 31, 2020.

At the core of the requirement is the use of 3-D Secure technology which is a security layer for online transactions. According to 3-D Secure, it covers these three areas: “the merchant/acquirer domain, the issuer domain, and the interoperability domain”. The technical details of SCA and 3-D Secure are beyond the scope of this article.

NOTE: You should be aware that even if you’re located in the United States, to support any of your customers living in the EEA you’ll need to enable your no code app to support SCA. If you don’t you run the risk that those potential customers might not be able to complete the payment transaction on your no code app.

Update Your No Code Payment Workflow to Support Strong Customer Authentication

As a no code developer you need to be aware that the payment transaction in your Bubble app can get disrupted to support SCA for EEA customers. Below is an example of a popup to confirm authentication during a test use-case using Stripe. Before final confirmation is completed during the transaction a message asking to either complete or fail the authentication will pop-up. Note that the pop-up message may be different depending on the respective user’s financial institution.

Stripe 3D Secure Example

Fortunately the Stripe.js plugin provides SCA support for your no code app. IF you’re interested, Stripe has a lot of reference material regarding SCA and 3-D Secure.

In using this Stripe plugin there are two important design considerations that may be new to you:

  1. The Client Secret is a value created during your Payment Intent Workflow in Bubble. You’ll need to use the Client Secret value during each transaction. Since the value is tied to Payment Intent, you’ll get new values of both Payment Intent and the Client Secret for every transaction.
  2. Accept a payment is the second part of the design you’ll need to implement. Fortunately the Stripe.js plugin simplifies the Workflow making things easier for you.

Get Started Now – Learn How-to Implement SCA in Your No Code App Today!

If you’ve used Stripe’s “token” based approach in the past then you’re probably aware how fairly straightforward it was to implement in your Bubble no code app. However, that token based design does not support SCA.

To support SCA you’ll need to use Stripe’s Payment Intent and Payment Method. As you might imagine, this implementation is bit more complicated.

And it can take you many many hours or days to get a fully functional design working correctly. Potentially even requiring you to pay for consulting services.

Fortunately there are two courses to help you implement Stripe.js in your Bubble no code app within an afternoon (or quicker!)

Simple Payment Transaction Course

For your Bubble no code app that doesn’t require a cart feature and only needs a simple one-time payment, check out the Quick Stripe Implementation course which you can buy at

The course supports users who have an account in your app or guest users. With this course you can be up and running with an SCA enabled workflow within a couple of hours. And the course includes access to the Bubble design ($19 value!) You’ll also see how the Stripe dashboard works so you can look at customer transactions – including customer payments!

7-day money back guarantee!
Quick Stripe Implementation Overview Video

Online Storefront Course

If your Bubble no code app is an online store front where you’re selling multiple items which requires the use of a cart functionality, then the Using Stripe and Bubble to create an Online Store course is for you.

This course will show you how to create an online store front where you have an “admin” account to add, delete and update products, including descriptions, pictures, pricing, etc.

There’s also the customer view of your online store front which uses a cart so users can buy multiple items in one transaction. In addition to having customers create an account in your Bubble no code app, the course also shows you how to let “guest” customers (ie no account) buy products in your app.

This course also includes the Bubble design ($19 value!) and bonus reference documentation explaining the data structure of the app.

Using Stripe and Bubble to create an Online Store Overview Video

Start Today – Don’t Lose Potential Customers or Revenue!

You’ve worked hard to create your no code web app. Technology and regulations constantly evolve. Get one of these courses to help you quickly enable your Bubble no code app to comply with SCA so you can support payment transactions with your customers. The courses will save you time and they’ll save you money, ie consulting fees. And you’ll increase the opportunities to monetize your Bubble no code app. Cool stuff.

7-day money back guarantee!

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