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Using the Slidebar Menu in Your Bubble App

The Slidebar Menu Icon in Your Bubble App Will Enhance the Mobile Experience

The Slidebar (or slide) Menu icon is a good choice for adding a menu in your app, especially if you’re making your app responsive and mobile friendly (which you should). This plugin is a must have for your Bubble app and you can learn how to implement it in this video.

Slide menu
Slide Menu Icon

While adding the Slidebar (or Slidable) Menu to your app is fairly straightforward, you’ll want to consider setting up Conditionals. For instance, when the user is logged in, you’ll want to show the Menu with a “Logout” option. The “Logout” option is not shown if the user is not logged in. Similarly, if a user is on a certain page, ie “Calendar”, then you don’t need to add “Calendar” as an option for that page’s Slidebar Menu design.

If your app is intended for mobile use only, meaning your app design is only on the Index page, then you’ll want to have your Workflows show/hide Groups. This can be done using Custom States. You can learn more about setting up Custom States to show/hide Groups at this blog and the how-to video.

As an added bonus, the video shows a security tip. To prevent users (who are not logged in) access to all your app pages, add a Workflow step of “When User is logged out” and sending them to the Index page on every page. This will help prevent unauthorized access of users to your app’s pages (unless they have a login account).

Goto index page
Send Users Who are not logged in to your Index Page

The Slidebar plugin is a great user experience to add into your app. It’s real simple to use. Using the Conditional tab gives you some additional design flexibility. Try it out.

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