Update your SendGrid Templates and Bubble App

Transition Your Bubble App from SendGrid’s Legacy to Transactional Templates

How-to Transition from Legacy to Transactional SendGrid Email in Your Bubble App

A week ago I needed to make an update to my app and create a new SendGrid template. It had been months since I’d needed to do anything with email in my apps so when I saw the SendGrid plugin version in my apps were at a 4.x.x and the newest version was at 5.x.x, I decided to upgrade (always a good idea to keep up with latest plugin version). Well things weren’t as easy and straightforward as you’d expect. Since I was using SendGrid’s Legacy Templates and mixing in the newer Transactional (or Dynamic) Templates, I ran into a number of problems, such as the formatting in the Templates (“% %” for Legacy instead of “{{ }}” for Transactional) and not removing “Bearer” as a prefix to the API Key. I also needed to deal with the new “Unsubscribe” features in SendGrid. Here’s a good link to help you with setting up Unsubscribe in SendGrid.

To help you with your SendGrid transition from Legacy to Transactional Templates, I created a video showing you how to setup a Transactional Template as well as the SendGrid plugin in your Bubble app. It was a bit of work to do the transition but the effort was worth it; the new plugin is easier to use. I’m now on the latest supported version of the SendGrid plugin and recommend you transition too.

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