Can You become Proficient in 20 Hours?

Is 20 Hours Good Enough vs 10,000 Hours?

How 20 Hours Can Make You Proficient

So you came up with a great app idea and are pretty excited about it. You know many people will use your app and get lots of value out of it. But then you’re thinking “ok, how am I going to get this app developed?”. Chances are you don’t have development skills so reaching out to third-party developers is the natural and logical thing to do. And if you’ve already gone thru this process before, you already know it’s going to cost you a lot more than you expected (like tens of thousands more, at least) and take a lot longer than expected (weeks but probably months longer). Oh, and even though you might own the design, who’s gonna help you when you need to make design changes or, worse yet, when you need an immediate bug fix?

You may be intimidated to take on developing the app yourself. After all, doesn’t it take 10,000 hours to learn something? Well no. It may take that long to be an expert in a certain skill, but to become proficient at a skill, turns out you probably need only about 20 hours. And since Bubble is relatively easy to learn (compared to developing using a “classic” full tech-stack), you’ll be amazed how much you can create in Bubble after 20 hours of directed learning. After all, you don’t need to necessarily be an expert at creating an app in Bubble; you need to be proficient enough to get it done.

To help you accomplish your learning, Bubble has lots of FREE Lessons and Videos. The Lessons and Videos are a great starting point to get you going. You should watch all 12 videos tutorials; most are 5 minutes or less.

Below is a list of 7 Lessons I suggest you start with. To save you time, I crossed out 4 of the ones you probably don’t need initially. Each Lesson takes less than 10 minutes.

List of Bubble Lessons
List of Bubble Lessons

Between the Lessons and Videos, you’re looking at just over 2 out of the 20 hours to start gaining proficiency in using Bubble to create your own apps. You’re off to a strong start! These lessons are a great way to begin getting comfortable using Bubble’s Editor.

Since you probably learn by doing, getting into the Bubble editor and experimenting by adding Elements and related Workflows can be done quickly and with a FREE Bubble account. In addition to the Lessons and Videos, the Bubble community is vibrant where many users help each other out in the Bubble Forum. On YouTube, you’ll also find some great how-to channels covering a wide spectrum of topics.

As you spend 20 hours of learning and experimenting with how to develop an app using Bubble, chances are you’ll have created an app you can interact with, ie create accounts, have pushbuttons, open popups, implement a Repeating Group to show a list of data, etc. You’ll get to the point where you’re starting to move past the “basics” and looking for specific information to help you create your app. By either searching the Forum or asking the community questions on your specific need, chances are someone has the answer for you. After 20 hours, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished, how powerful and cool Bubble is and looking forward to add more functionality in your app.

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