how to create an app and make money

How to Create an App and Make Money

Make Money with a Web App

Recently I was talking to a newly minted college graduate who’s landed a job but has the entrepreneurial itch.  He has an idea for an app but doesn’t know any programming languages.  I gave him a quick overview on different ways he can get his app developed.  I also discussed the importance of validating his app idea with potential customers because he needs to make sure his app will provide them value.  If it doesn’t provide value, no one will pay for his app.  This post is a recap of our conversation to help guide you on creating your own app and make money with it.

Create a Web App

First, you could outsource the development though it can be quite expensive (i.e. many 10’s of thousands of dollars per platform – iOS, Droid and Web) and it typically takes a lot longer than expected.  There are lots of iterations needed to create a Minimal Viable Product (“MVP”).

Secondly you could learn how to write software as there are plenty of free or cheap online classes on iOS, Droid and/or Web app development.  This approach can take a long time and while you might be comfortable with technology, the thought of learning a programming language might not be too appealing.  And if you have a Windows based computer, buying a Mac for developing an iOS app probably isn’t an expense you want to make since tools to develop iOS apps are only available on Macs.

Lastly you could learn how to create a web app using codeless development technologies such as bubble.  While there is a learning curve with bubble, it’s not as steep as learning programming languages to create native app for iOS or Droid.  And if you’re comfortable enough with something like creating macros in Excel spreadsheets, you are “technical” enough to learn bubble.  With, since you’re creating a responsive web-app, you only needed to develop the app once and it would work on iOS, Droid and laptops.  This is incredible leverage.  And you can sell the app right from your app as you can easily build a payment system right into the app with bubble.  No app-store fees which means more money for you!

I hope you’re starting to see your dream of developing an app is within your reach.

Provide Value and Make Money

While creating an app using bubble can be quick compared to alternate development approaches, you need to make sure your app will provide value such that people will buy it.  After all, you’re looking to make money on the app you’re creating, right?  So don’t create something no one wants – at least no one who’s willing to pay (free apps even with advertisements don’t always make much money).

To make money with your app, you’ll want to make sure you’re validating your app idea with potential customers.  You should have discussions early in the development process – even before you’ve started created your app.  Having an open mind in these discussions can lead to some great insights on pain-points your potential customers have.  And these are pain-points you can address in your app, making your app more valuable to customers and increase their likelihood of paying you for the app.

As I wrapped up the conversation with this recent college grad, I think he had an “a-ha” moment (actually, I think he had a few!).  He began to realize that focusing only on creating an app doesn’t mean he’ll make money.  He needs to talk with potential customers to validate his app idea and perhaps modify his idea a little so that it addresses his customer’s needs.  “Build it and they will come” doesn’t necessarily work. However, providing value to people increases your chances to make money with your app.  It was great to see the “lightbulb” go off for him – hopefully it is for you too.  Good luck!


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