Shortcut to create web apps using bubble

Shortcut to Creating Web Apps

You’ve probably heard many times that time-to-market is incredibly important for any business to grow or even survive.  Developing web-apps using bubble can certainly reduce the time for you to create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or even launch a full-featured web-app.  However, there’s another way to reduce development time even more and that’s by using app “templates”.

You can think of app templates similar to a pre-fab house.  You select what style or type of house you want and customize some of the aesthetics (i.e. paint color, trim, fixtures, etc). Since the house is largely built before it shows up on your property, once you get the house, the time for you to move in is greatly reduced compared to homes built using a normal construction process.  While you may give up some input in the design or layout features of the house, you gain in terms of getting into a new house quicker.

With an app template, you basically take the same approach as a pre-fab house.  You look at the app templates that are available and choose the one that most closely meets your needs.  Bubble has a catalog of app templates to choose from.  Templates include clones of Uber, Airbnb, Slack and many others.  Once you pick an app template, you can customize the “look and feel”, i.e. the background colors, fonts, page titles, “About” information, etc.  While you may not have a lot of experience creating apps with bubble, starting with an app template can be a great way for you to create an app without a steep learning curve.  You will also greatly reduce the amount of time to deliver an app to your customers compared to starting from scratch.

By taking the app template and customizing some of the look and feel, you can quickly get feedback from your Customers.  Based on their feedback, if there are certain features missing or existing ones that need to be modified, you can add them over time as you get more comfortable developing with bubble.  This is incredible leverage you get with using a template – time to market with a functional app and quicker Customer feedback.  Then you can iterate the design based on Customer data.

If you’re new to bubble, check out the catalog of app templates to see if there’s one you can start with.  Starting with a pre-existing design can not only get you to market quicker, but it will also allow you to “look under the hood” of how experienced developers created the template.  That alone can be priceless knowledge on your journey to becoming a better app developer.



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