Miles Beckler and Facebook

Beta Launch and FB Advertising

You may be thinking of leveraging Facebook’s vast advertising capabilities when launching your app.  And this approach is sound – Facebook has a tremendous amount of users and deep information on each user which is great for targeting your ads.

When I launched Forever Memorial beta, I created Facebook ads.  Now my background is in product development with a little sales & marketing mixed in.  As such, I need to spend time learning more about advertising and marketing.  Learning about copywriting, content, psychology, etc are all activities I do on my journey.

One resource I’ve relied on is Miles Beckler.  Miles is truly an expert in anything related to creating an online business.  He provides deep knowledge on the end-to-end process of building a successful online business.  And he does it for free.  Granted he does have affiliate type recommendations but Miles is not “in your face” pitching them and they’re relevant to the top-notch content he’s providing his audience.  In addition to his emails at, Miles has a large video library on YouTube.  If you’re serious about learning how to create an online business or help leverage social media, online advertising, etc to grow your business, check out Miles.


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