Bubble.is and Miles Beckler are game changers for creating and growing an online business

Traditional vs The New Way

Had a great lunch with a friend yesterday whom I hadn’t seen in a year (she’s on an entrepreneurial journey too).  As I was demonstrating the Forever Memorial app to her, she asked how many people developed it to which I replied, “one, me”.  She looked incredulously at me.  In her experience, equivalent apps cost 6-figures for one platform (iOS or Droid) and it would take a team of people to develop it.  This is the power bubble.

We also talked about online marketing, creating funnels, sales copywriting, content marketing, etc, etc.  I mentioned Miles Beckler to her – she hadn’t heard of him.  Miles is the go-to resource for creating and growing an online business.

If you’re serious about using a smart approach to creating an online business and want to spend your money wisely, bubble.is and milesbeckler.com are two game-changing resources for your success.

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