Bubble.is plugins and API connector are powerful features to help you develop incredible web-based apps

Bubble’s Extensive Plugin and API Ecosystem

For those new to using bubble.is, you are probably impressed with the power of the technology to create codeless apps.  I know I was – and still am.  But as your skills increase and you find yourself wanting to create more powerful apps, you’ll start looking at Bubble’s extensive list of plugins.  This is a natural evolution of your skills increasing and your imagination “stretching” to create incredible apps.  Congratulations on your continued journey as an app developer!

There are many plugins available for you to use.  Need to handle online payments by credit card, bank payment, etc.  There’s a Stripe payment plugin for that.  Need to create an app that needs a calendar – there are plugins there too.  Integration with Gmail?  iTunes? Facebook?  Pinterest? Music Players?  Video Players? GPS/Maps?  All there.  Bubble makes using services from those apps and hundreds more (over 400 at time of this writing) fairly straightforward.  Note some plugins are a bit more complicated to implement, like Stripe, than others, i.e. slideshow player.  But then again, Stripe is a much more powerful service than showing slides in your app.

In addition to the large library of plugins, Bubble also has an API Connector plugin.  This plugin basically allows you to connect your app to services using data types like JSON and XML.  With the API connector, you can GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE data from whatever service you’re connecting with.  Super flexible and super powerful.

The relative ease-of-use developing in bubble and the ability to create sophisticated web-apps on this development platform makes bubble a game-changing alternative to traditional full-stack development.  Throw in the plugins and API-connector and it’s almost limitless what you can create.  If you need any help or want to chat more, please contact me.

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