How to create a marketplace template using

How-to Share A Marketplace Link in Your App

Learn How-to Create a Marketplace Link and Share it with End-users

For the app you’re creating using Bubble, you may have a need for marketplace capabilities where you have users that are businesses selling things. And those users (businesses) will probably want to share their page with their end-customers. In this video, you’ll learn how to setup your app so your users (businesses) can share their page. This will be done by sharing a unique link for each user’s business page.

The video shows the three pages in the design. One is a business “template” where your users (businesses) will go and fill in their business information, ie business name, contact info, company logo, items for sale, etc. The second two pages are similar to each other. They’re both landing pages for your user’s business page. Those pages will be accessible by your user’s end-customers and will be customized to that user’s business based on what you add in the template design.

The reason there are two types of landing pages is because one requires the end-customer to log in and the second does not. Your users (businesses) may want their end-customers to log into the business page so the video shows you how to design for that scenario. Other users (businesses) may not want their end-customers to log in so the video shows that design too.

In the video, you’ll see how each user (business) has their own unique link and how that link ties back to the user’s data structure in the Bubble database. While the video shows how the user (business) can email the link to their end-customers, the landing page link can also be shared on social media, ie Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Creating a marketplace type of app where your users share their business page (ie their business page in your app) is fairly easy to do using Bubble. Even if your app isn’t a marketplace, you can allow your customers to create and then share their own landing page. This might be useful if you’re creating a fundraising app, a family scrapbook app, etc. where users create unique pages based on a template you’ve provided for them. The use-cases are virtually limitless.


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