Course on how to create Storefront app

Free Course on How to Create a Storefront App

Free 4-Video Course on Creating a Storefront using

Want to have an app that lets you sell products directly to your customers? What about creating an app where you have businesses sell their products using your app – and charge them a fee for using your app. And make it customizable for each business. The opportunities are pretty much limitless.

In this 4-video course, you’ll learn how to create your own storefront app using And you get it for FREE. That’s almost 2 hours of in-depth how-to lessons where you’ll learn to create a Business Storefront app.

Video #1: Setup “Framework” of Business Storefronts

The first video (above) shows you how to setup the Business Admin page as well as the Business Storefront page where the end-customers will be able to buy products from a Business using your app. There are two end-customer pages; one requires an account and login by the end-customer and a second one where end-customers don’t need an account to purchase products. You have the flexibility to decide which approach meets your needs.

Video #2: Create Storefront and Add Products

The second video shows you how to create a Business Storefront and add/remove products to it. While this course primarily uses an example of a business selling produce, you’ll also see an example of a second business selling digital products. This video will show you how to setup multiple business accounts in your app. In addition you’ll see how end-customers (ie the customers of the businesses in your app) can add items to their shopping cart.

Video #3: Setup Business Accounts in Stripe

In the third video you’ll learn how to setup Business accounts in Stripe. You’ll first need a Stripe account for yourself and have the Stripe.js plugin setup in your app. You’ll be setting up Business accounts under your account in Stripe because this will allow you to charge those Business owners a fee every time they sell something using your app (more details in the fourth video below). This video will show you how to automatically create Business accounts so you don’t need to manually create them in Stripe.

Video #4: Storefront Checkout and Charging Businesses with Stripe

In this final video you’ll see how to implement the checkout process using Stripe. You’ll also learn how to setup the calculations in your app so you collect both the Stripe fee as well as a usage fee. Learn more about Stripe fees here. Because of how Stripe works, you won’t be able to pass their fees directly to the Businesses using your app. Instead, you get charged for every transaction a Business makes in your app. As such, you need to charge the Business using your app the correct amount. You’ll learn how in this video. You’ll also see how to charge those Businesses a fee for using your app based on every sales transaction they have (if you decide that’s how you want to monetize your app).

The four videos in this course give you a lot of information on how to setup your own Business Storefront app. However, you can customize a lot of the information in the videos to meet your needs. The videos give you a great foundation and starting point for you to start your own app and business.

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