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I recently started taking a class which offers a forum for people to ask questions and have the community answer them.  One of the questions was regarding the development or technology “stack” people were using.  The stack is basically all of the program languages, tools, databases, frameworks, et al used to create an app.  As you might expect, there was a tremendous amount of replies and none of them were the same.  There were front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) answers.  LAMP, MEAN, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, C#, C, C++, etc, etc.  There are lots of choices and decisions to be made when figuring out what “stack” to use for developing an app.  If you’re developing the app yourself, there are a lot of “parts” (ie languages, frameworks, tools, etc) to know.  And since it’s software, they’re constantly being updated.  Even if you’re outsourcing the development work, you need to understand what technology stack your vendor is using.

As I was reading the thread, it brought back memories of a not too distant past where I was looking to have an MVP for my first app created by a vendor.  And it brought back memories of feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices.  They say too many choices can cause stress and I was feeling it.  Granted I was focused on creating an MVP, but I didn’t want “throwaway” code.  As such, I needed to make the right choice for not only creating the MVP but to also carry me into production.  And since I was getting quotes from different 3rd party vendors, they all used different tools, frameworks, languages, etc.  The final “straw that broke the camel’s back” was the price.

Fortunately for me I came across Bubble and haven’t looked back.  When someone asks me what technology stack I use, I reply “Bubble“.  At first they look at me funny.  Then I tell them about Bubble; they’re amazed.  I pull out my iPhone and show them one of my apps and they’re blow-away.  When we talk about the price of Bubble, they’re floored.

Developing an app doesn’t need to be overwhelming and super expensive anymore.  Bubble offers 1-stop, full-stack capabilities.  As a business owner or someone in business, you should always be on the lookout for something to give you an competitive advantage.  Bubble can be that advantage for you.

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