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How to Create a Free Peer-to-Peer Video Chat

Add Video Chat to Your Web App

In my blog post where I give you 6 tips on improving your Google search skills, I mentioned how I was looking for technology to create a free peer-to-peer video chat to solve a client’s problem.  And after a relatively short search, I hit pay-dirt!

The video technology I found is from a company called Gruveo and no, I’m not an affiliate of theirs.  Because their technology is so cool and easy to use, I created a video showing you how to quickly add free peer-to-peer video chat capabilities to your Bubble app.  If you’re familiar with video technology, you know it’s pretty complex stuff.  Gruveo makes it simple.  Here’s link to their embedded-API page.  Being able to do browser-based peer-to-peer video calls for free is just another example of how cheap and powerful technology is getting.

For having a video chat, you can either be on your laptop, pad or smartphone (iOS or Droid).  I had video calls working on Safari (11.1.2) and Chrome (67.0.3396.99) browsers.  In the app, simply enter in a code word and hit the submit button.  This will add the code word to the current user of the app and tell Gruveo to use that code word.  Simply text/email/call the code word to the person you want to have a video call with.  They enter the code word on Gruveo’s site (remember to have them remove the “@” or they won’t join the call) then click the “VIDEO CALL” button.  Alternatively, if you create an app with accounts, you can send your app’s link to your friends.  They can login and use your app instead of Gruveo’s website to chat with you.  Pretty cool.  It’s as simple as that…

From watching this video, you should get an idea on how quick and easy it is to implement some fairly complex technology into your app by using Bubble.  There are a lot of outsourcing firms that will charge you 10’s of thousands of dollars or more to create an app.  Keep your hard-earned money and invest in yourself and your dream by learning to create your own apps.  Everything you see in this video and in my other videos are all done without spending any money – just my time and applying my knowledge and expertise.  If you’re doing a side-hustle and are a hands-on person, Bubble is a perfect tool for you. Give it a try.  Thank you for reading.

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