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Make Money

Between talking to clients and doing my own research, I’m starting to think we are entering a point in time where the opportunity to make money online has never been greater.  It’s not about a get-rich-quick scheme.  It’s not even about you becoming a blogger.  It’s about you creating web-apps.

The ability for you to create and sell web apps has never been easier, cheaper or faster.  Technology has advanced so much that your concerns for needing to be an engineer to create an app aren’t valid anymore. In particular, so called “codeless” development from is a game-changing disruptive technology.  If you’ve ever dabbled a bit with websites before or created macros in a spreadsheet, you’re already “technical” enough to tackle codeless development.  Even if you haven’t done those things, since developing an app in bubble is almost “drag-n-drop”, the learning curve for you shouldn’t be too bad.  Between the free training material and vibrant user community, help is never too far away.

So what are your next steps?  Well think about the small businesses in your area.  They probably haven’t even thought about apps for their business.  This becomes a golden opportunity for you.  Take a look at the small service companies near you, i.e. lawn-care service, hair-stylist, personal trainer, accountants, etc.  All of them need some way to schedule appointments.  You could create an app that helps them with scheduling.  And also handling online payments.  And also automated email notifications.  And if you didn’t want to start from scratch, you could start with a pre-existing template and modify it to your needs.  You can do this using bubble!

You can offer your customers customization too, i.e. your app can automatically show your customer’s branding based on which users login.  With bubble, you can do that.

Let’s say you target lawn-care businesses for an app.  You could optimize your app for those businesses and include info such as weather forecast, a map with locations of customers, equipment maintenance schedule, etc.

And now you can go to the lawn-case businesses, you offer them your app as a service and charge them monthly to use it.  They’ll love it because 1) your giving them a value-add service 2) they aren’t spending 10’s of thousands of dollars for an app and 3) the monthly price helps them with their cash-flow.

Now here’s another opportunity.  If the lawn-care business has a website, perhaps you can incorporate the information of that web-site into your app for an additional fee.  This may allow the lawn-care business owner a chance to actually save some money by not paying for a website.

And this is just the beginning.  Once you have lawn-care businesses using your app, you can target adjacent businesses, i.e. house-painters, handyman businesses, etc.  You’ll have a couple of apps each with multiple users that will be paying you a monthly service fee.  Depending on your area, those numbers can add up quickly.

As you can see, there are lots of potential to make money with apps.  With a little investment of time to learn about, you can begin your journey to create the better life you’ve been dreaming about.  Once you begin this journey, your concerns about being able to create an app will subside. Check out the many templates to get an idea of what’s possible, of how you can make money in this new and exciting way.  Your journey to achieving your financial goals starts now!

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