Small business

Small Business

I’ve been having some interesting conversations with small business owners which may resonate with you.  These small business owners would love to use more technology in their businesses to automate some of their business processes such as quoting, billing, inventory management, scheduling jobs, etc.  They’ve looked at “off-the-shelf” software but because of the cost and/or functionality limitations of the business process software, they didn’t move forward with purchases.

Instead, these business owners are getting creative and looking at alternatives.  As a business owner, you can have web apps developed that are tailored to your unique business process needs.  And as I cross paths with business owners and start to discuss the capabilities of bubble, you can see the “wheels turning” on the possibilities.  They suspected there was a better, cost effective way to create a custom web-app and automate business processes.  And they’re right.  Game changer!

They’re shocked at how quickly web-apps can be created compared to “traditional” full-stack development.  Bubble provides “one-stop shopping” for you; front-end design, database, code-less logic and hosting on AWS all for one monthly fee.  Plugins, API’s, integration with Zapier – it’s all there to create powerful, scalable business process web apps.   You can import data, export data, manually add/change data; you have complete control.  Releasing your app to Production is a simple process – no files and directories to deal with; bubble removes the complexity of product release.

If you’re a business owner who’s dealt with website developers that pitch developing a WordPress “app” that’ll meet your business process needs, take a look at bubble.  A common occurrence I hear is a business owner gets sold on using WordPress and after months of delays, rising expenses and growing frustration, the WordPress “app” isn’t done.  I empathize with them.  You’re reading this blog on a WordPress site.  But you’re not looking for a blog – you need an app to automate your business processes.  You need technology that’s powerful but cost-effective and will provide you the means to achieve your business goals.

And if all of this wasn’t enough, here’s one more thing.  Let’s say you have more than one business process you’d like to have an app for.  With bubble, you only need one “instance” you pay for (i.e. a url like and from there, you can create multiple different apps.  Single-sign-on, one link, multiple apps – simple and clean.  All for the one monthly subscription price.  If needed, you can have some of the apps accessible to only your employees and others accessible by your customers – or a combination of both.  You can have an inventory app only accessible by employees and a quoting app that’s accessible by both employees and customers.  All done within one bubble subscription.  The possibilities are almost limitless.

You’ve seen advances in technology all around you but are you aware of the advances in web-app development applications such as bubble?  The days of cost-prohibitive app development is behind you.  Know that there are alternatives to the traditional app development.  Check out bubble.


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