Conversation with a College Student

Over the years, I’ve mentored and coached college students from both my alma maters.  With some students, I’ll meet them for just one, 1-2 hour session and other students we’ll meet over the course of multiple months.   Today I had a 30-minute meeting with an undergrad who wanted to get my perspective on entrepreneurship (his major).  For the first 20-minutes, he had some questions that needed to be covered for a class he’s taking.

And then he told me that he and some classmates had an idea for an app, but they didn’t know what next step to take.  Apparently none of them are technical – they’re just business students not engineering students (I chuckled to myself).  He was looking for guidance on how to find someone technical to help create the app.  So I told him about and how powerful it was for creating apps.  I said to him that you don’t need to be an engineering student to learn how to develop with bubble.  Continuing on, I explained that anyone who knew some HTML or JavaScript would be able to develop with bubble (NOTE: knowing HTML or JavaScript are not required for developing with bubble- I was trying to give him some context or perspective on level of technical competence that would help).  He mentioned he knew both.  Perfect!

In a matter of minutes, this student went from thinking he was needing a developer to create the app to thinking he could develop the app himself using bubble.  Now, he’s a college student and may have fewer responsibilities and more free time than you do.  However, if you know how to create MS-Excel macros, understand HTML and/or JavaScript, learning bubble isn’t a leap of faith.  There is a learning curve with bubble (like any tool or skill), however the leverage is truly a game-changer.  This student “cold-called” me (he found my name in the school’s alumni database) to talk about entrepreneurship and we transitioned into app development.  Feel free to contact me – I’d be happy to talk further you too.

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