First Customer

For some people, the thought of selling something can be a scary proposition.  You may have a great idea for an app and want to take the next steps on getting an MVP created.  However, the thought of going out and selling it to the world can be intimidating.  Talking to a stranger and pitching to them might not be your cup of tea.

Chances are, when you first thought of your idea, it was to solve a problem you have or a problem someone you know has.  Let’s first assume it’s a problem you recently had, like  buying a new car.  Who really enjoys the process of car buying?  Because of the bad experience you have with buying a car, you came up with an idea for an app that will take some of the pain out of the process.  Now you certainly know other people who buy cars.  Ask them some of their pain points about buying a new vehicle.  Get their input, their ideas.  Then start exploring different ways to solve the problem – build upon the ideas you already have for your app.  And guess what?  Your problem is now their problem too.  And they’ll want to help you fix the problem (i.e. help you create your app).

Once you have an MVP created, they’ll want to help you test it out and give you feedback.  After making enhancements, they’ll want to use it.  Perhaps you sell it to them – or perhaps you give them a break as gratitude for their input.  Either way, they will become your first Customers.  Since they helped you on your journey, chances are they will also be advocates for your app and tell others.

Selling may be a new skill for you but it doesn’t need to be intimidating.  Look around at your network and identify people you can reach out to.  They don’t need to be close friends – just someone you have a connection with.  Feel free to reach out if you’d like some feedback.

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