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Building trust and relationships with your customers is critical for your success. A blog should be part of your customer development strategy.

While this article talks about psychology and kids, it applies to all of us. As a business owner, some powerful insights. As a user of social media and a parent of teens, scary.

Short video on 7 Reasons Why Smart, Hardworking People Don’t Become Successful. If you’re not feeling successful, this video may provide some ideas.

We all want our startup to be an overnight success. The reality is it takes longer than you’d expect (or hoped).

I found this article helpful when I first started doing cold-calls.

Need help with Keyword Research for SEO? This video is filled with lots of useful tools to help you succeed.

Let’s talk about your company’s metrics. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

And speaking of metrics, because it’s important for your company’s growth, what’s your North Star metric?

Codeless App Development using Bubble.

And finally, if you’re down a bit and in need of some motivation, here’s a quick “picker-upper” for you.

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