Secret to success

Secret to my Client’s Success!

I really enjoy working with my clients. They have some really cool app ideas they’re working on. They’re also building these apps and their companies on shoestring budgets. Which is why Bubble resonates so well with them – they can develop sophisticated apps quickly and without significant investment (certainly no outside funding).

Everyone I work with is focused on two things; making an app which will provide value to their customers and making a better life for themselves. And the former has a much higher focus, which makes sense because if they don’t provide value, no one will use them, much less buy them.

My clients have day jobs and creating their app is the classic example of a side-hustle. They’re making sacrifices – working nights and weekends instead of playing video games,  binging on tv shows or socializing. It’s tough – real tough. Work and life throw curveballs. Making progress on app development doesn’t always go as quickly or smoothly as hoped. Most everyone I work with does not have an engineering or computer science background so they’re learning design, logic, data structures “as they go”. It’s great listening to them talk about their journey learning Bubble and how quickly they’ve become proficient developing with Bubble. I hear the excitement and pride in their voice because of they now have the ability to create an app. A new chapter in their lives with lots of opportunities has started. The barriers to entry for creating apps has been lowered. Thank You Bubble!

With tools like Bubble, you don’t need an engineering degree or deep pockets to create an app. But you will still need to make the sacrifices, basically spending time “outside of work” to develop your app – nights and weekends. Even if you outsourced the development, you would still be making the sacrifices. I would argue outsourcing would cost you 10x more and most likely take the same amount of time as if you developed it yourself (including the learning curve!). And even though you own the design, you still wouldn’t understand it. How do you run a business that way?

The clients I work with understand this which is why they’re so excited. Bubble is cheap. It’s fast. It’s feature rich. It’s not that hard to learn. And you control your destiny. The reasons to create an app almost doesn’t get any better. My clients “get it”. I coach them and give them pointers on how to make their designs, logic and database better. When we’re done walking thru their app, they understand my recommendations. They understand the little tips-and-tricks. And then they’re back at it, plugging away at development, getting their app ready for their customers. Very cool and exciting.

If you have an app idea but don’t know what steps to take, go to Bubble’s site and create an account (it’s FREE!). Try out some of the tutorials. Experiment. Learn. Grow. Develop. The Bubble community is super helpful because they’re passionate about Bubble and they know it’s a game-changer. This is why I create my blogs and YouTube videos. I know how difficult it is to create products. I know how expensive it is. I know working with third party design firms is not a viable option. Bubble is a disruptive technology and I’m excited to be part of the community. Check it out and I’m sure you’ll be excited too. And no, I’m not a Bubble affiliate and don’t get paid by them. I do all of this because I know what Bubble has done for me and want to share that “secret” with others. And you too can be like my clients who also know the “secret” of Bubble.

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