Add Drift to Your App

How to add Drift to your Bubble App

Add Drift to your Web App

A lot of websites have a chat icon or small popup window allowing visitors to ask questions about the site. Alternatively, there may be a leading question such as “Hi, thanks for visiting. Mind if I ask you a question?“. This is a great way for you to start a conversation with prospects visiting your app. In this blog and the video below you’ll learn how quick and easy it is to add Drift to your Bubble app and enable this functionality.

Add Drift to Your App

Adding the ability to chat with visitors in your app is a super powerful way to help improve your app’s overall customer experience. Instead of a visitor emailing, submitting a form or calling you, they can simply click on the Drift icon and start a conversation with you. And this form of engagement is becoming ubiquitous so users are starting to expect this functionality in your app.

Using Drift in your Bubble app is quick and easy to implement. While this video gives you details on how to set up Drift in your app, the high-level steps are here:

  1. Setup a Drift account
  2. Copy the JavaScript code snippet from your Drift account

Drift JS snippet
Drift JavaScript Code Snippet
  • Add an HTML element to every page of your Bubble app where you want chatting

  • HTML Element
    HTML Element in Bubble
  • Paste the JavaScript snippet in every HTML element

  • Drift HTML code snippet
    Adding Drift JavaScript Code Snippet to HTML Element in Bubble

    And that’s it! When you Preview your app, you’ll see Drift’s icon in the lower right of your screen. Users on mobile devices will also be able to chat with you too.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re using a free plan for your Bubble app then note at the time of this writing you must use an HTML element and add the Drift JavaScript code snippet there. On a paid plan, you can do that or you can add the code snippet to every “Page HTML Header” as shown below for the “Index” page

    Page HTML Header
    Adding Drift JavaScript Code Snippet to Page HTML Header in Bubble

    To summarize, in less than 10 minutes you can create a Drift account and enable your visitors to chat with you right in your Bubble app.  Just another example of how quick, easy and powerful using Bubble is and how Bubble can help you successfully create powerful and useful web-apps.

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