5-Star rating system

Create a 5-Star Rating System in Your Bubble App

Add 5-Star Ratings to Your Web App

Getting customer feedback is a powerful way to know how well you are, or aren’t, doing. One quick and simple way of getting feedback is to have your customers rate the product or service you’re offering.  You might have an app that sells books, music, art, etc and want to get a “pulse” on what customers think about those products.  Or you have a vacation rental app and getting feedback on a rental property is a value-add you provide your vacation-owner clients.  A simple 5-star rating system is the perfect, simple tool to use.  In this video, you’ll learn how to add a 5-star rating system to your app using Bubble.  Below is a screenshot from the app showing the 5-star rating on a User.

5-Star example in Bubble app
Screenshot example from Bubble app of 5-star rating

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