Backup your data…

Funny how when you’re busy, time flies – especially when you’re having fun.  You probably have a prioritized task list but when you’re on a roll working on something fun, well, you just keep going, right?  That’s been my week.  Lots of interesting things landed on my plate and the hours have flown by and the days have been long.  But it’s been fun.  And I’ve punted on some of my task list items.  Granted they aren’t life-or-death things I’ve deferred but things I do need to get done.

While I was contemplating a topic of this post, I glanced at an unopened USB flash drive sitting on my desk.  This week’s task list includes backing up my laptop with that flash drive.  It’s been on the task list for the past few months!

And based on what happened last summer, you’d think I’d be more diligent on this matter.  See, I got a virus of some sort on my laptop last summer and almost lost everything.  Fortunately I was able to backup my files on flash drives.  Yes, flash drives is plural – I was in a rush and grabbed a bunch of smaller capacity drives for backing up before re-imaging my hard-drive to factory settings.  When you don’t have an IT department the internet becomes your IT department – you do it yourself.  It was painful but I recovered.  And after I painstakingly put the data back on my laptop, I backed up my laptop to a single, larger flash drive.

But a few months ago, I started running out of space on my back-up drive.  So I need to backup to this new, bigger flash drive.  I know I’m kind of old school using a USB drive for backing up data instead of using one of the many subscription services available.  I actually get annoyed when Apple keeps launching those pop-ups telling me I’m out of their free backup capacity and offering me to buy-up for more space.

While I chuckled to myself when I looked at the unopened USB drive, in all seriousness I should backup my data.  Businesses live and die by their data.  I’ve heard statistics that if a company loses its data for a few days, the probably of their survival past 6 months is 50-50.  Not good…

So tonight I’ll give my laptop a rest (rather I’ll take a break from it) and will back it up.


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