Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other Shiny Objects

Want the latest inside scoop on investing in crypto-currencies to give you an investment edge?  Well this blog post is not going to provide you with anything like that.  However, I did pick those title words because, well, seems they’re the latest new shiny objects people are chasing and spending time on.  And I also wanted to run a little social experiment.  So if you clicked on this blog post thinking you’d uncover a nugget of wisdom on crypto-currency investing, sorry for any inconvenience.  But thank you for participating in my little social experiment – actually, more of a key-word search engine experiment.

For those of you who’ve been reading my blog posts, the experiment is an important example to show how easy it is to be lured in by so many shiny objects.  And this is important for you because when you’re trying to find the time to bring your idea to market, you need to guard against distractions.  You’ll need to prioritize those 24 hours in a day to carve out time for your venture.  This is not easy and you know that.  Depending on your situation, you’ll have family obligations, work obligations, extra-curricular obligations, etc.  Plus there’s lots of shiny objects bombarding you from most forms of media (this link is to an interesting article on how social media companies invest heavily on psychology so you spend more time on their apps).  However, you may find a need to cut back on some of those areas so you can invest in yourself – your venture.  But don’t do it overnight.  Any change in habit takes time (I may write about that in a future post).

One quick trick to help you on journey is to spend a few minutes on a Sunday afternoon or evening and identify what goal (or goals) you want to accomplish with your venture for the upcoming week.  Then, as you go thru each day of the week, break it down into the top 2-3 things to get done that day.

For example, say you wanted to get some wireframes for your app done by Friday and there are three areas you want to focus on.  First area is on creating user Profiles – what information do you need from your users (name, email, phone #, maybe demographic info, etc) when they setup their account.  Secondly, say your app is a marketplace app; you want to do a wireframe on what that would look like.  Lastly, you want to wireframe how users will interact with each other in your marketplace app.  And while there are wireframe tools to use, a simple pad of paper works wonders like Joe did.

On Monday, set a goal for what you want to achieve with regard to user Profiles.  You may have two goals; first, list all of the user info the app needs to collect for the Profile and secondly draw what the layout should look like.  If you only get to creating a list of user info on Monday, that’s fine.  On Monday night, simply move the wireframe goal to Tuesday’s first goal.  Maybe Monday night you’re feeling ambitious about Tuesday and also add the marketplace wireframe to Tuesday’s goals.  At the end of Tuesday, if you run out of time and don’t have all of the marketplace wireframe done, guess what? You now have your goal for Weds.  Just keep going thru this simple process of breaking down the weekly goals into baby steps every day.  By Friday, you’ll have completed the three areas you identified on Sunday.  Rinse and repeat.  Start small – but start.  If you have any questions or need help, contact me.

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