The enemy of good is better…

One of the thoughts or feelings you may have about your idea for an app or business is that it’s not “complete”.  Maybe you want to spend more time thinking things thru and preparing before taking the first step.  These thoughts and feelings are fairly common – and they’re a roadblock for your success.

Based on my personal experiences and learning about the experiences of other entrepreneurs, your idea and your business will never be “perfect”.  And waiting for the perfect time, perfect design, perfect Customer, perfect “whatever” will only make you wait…and wait…and wait…

The powerful thing with creating mockups and MVP’s is that you get the first version of your idea in front of Customers for their feedback.  Customers “get it” that you’re starting out and that you don’t have a fully functional product.  They want to see what you do have and they want to hear your vision; they want to know where you’re going with your idea.  How can it help them and make their lives better.  Chances are, they want to help you and be involved with your success.  Those will be your early adopters who you want to help spread the word on what you’re doing and how great your product is.  They will be your referrals and they will do so even if your product isn’t finished or complete.  They’re buying into you and your vision; they believe in you.

So if you’re on the fence with your idea and think you need to wait for “whatever” to be better – stop!  Get out there and move forward with your idea.  A bit of hard work and execution from you is the only way your idea will become a reality.  Taking an idea, making it into something real and getting it in front of Customers is such an exciting and exhilarating (and sometimes scary) journey.  Just take that first step.  It’ll be good enough.  As always, contact me and I’m happy to talk further.

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