Codeless Development

So you’ve got this great idea for an app but don’t know the next steps are on what to do.  You talk to friends who work in technology, either the IT department or a development group.  Maybe you’ve even done some searching online for how to create your app.  In your research, you’ve probably come across terms like front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers and who knows what else.  Front-end and back-end developers user their own unique programming languages, frameworks, tools, etc to accomplish their respective jobs.  And a full-stack developer is knowledgeable across both disciplines (though they probably started their development career as one or the other and then learned the other side).

Your idea is going to need expertise on both the front-end (how your Customers interact with your app) and the back-end (the “stuff under the hood”, i.e. the database, web services, etc).  There’s also coordination needed on releasing the app so your Customers can use it.  Oh, and are you’re probably running this on Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), right?  You can certainly find (and pay) multiple people to help you figure all this out.  Perhaps you’ll get lucky and find a full-stack developer; someone who will command a premium for their services.  Alternatively, you could outsource all of it to a firm – for a hefty price tag, not to mention a long development cycle time.  Been there, done that…

Or you can use a codeless development tool, like  At a high-level, you can  think of as a framework which has a front-end module for user experience, a database module and a “logic engine” module that ties the first two together.  And it’s a Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) offering which runs on AWS.  There’s no need for you to worry about hosting your app – takes care of it for you.  And you can start creating your MVP for free!

Since provides a higher level of abstraction for creating apps, deep technical knowledge (i.e. front-end/back-end/full-stack developers) is no longer needed to create fully functional apps (though there is a learning curve).  Apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc can all be created (and have been replicated) using  Apps that are created in a shorter time with less people and less money.  Very compelling.  If you have an app idea and you’d like to learn more about codeless development, let’s talk.

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