Example Projects

Below are highlights of a few projects Echo Lake Technologies has delivered successfully. Each project started with understanding our client’s needs and then iterating on not only the design (UI/UX) but also the functional behavior. With each project, the client was able to interact with their web-based app, share it with their customers and gain valuable feedback. There are examples where the time of my first contact with a client to initial interactive prototype took less than 1 week! Simplicity and ease-of-use characterize all of these projects.

At my Echo Lake Technologies YouTube channel, you’ll see multiple how-to videos of creating features using Bubble, such as peer-to-peer video chat, messaging and calendar schedular.  If you’d like to see the actual “end-to-end” design (i.e. the user interface, database design and logic), send me an email for FREE information on how to access.

Project 1: B2B, Higher Education Market

Customer wanted an web-based mobile app to connect college students with alumni for coaching and mentoring purposes.

  • Quora-type question & advice capabilities
  • Videos
  • Chat
  • Ability to search and connect users
  • User profiles

Project 2: B2B, Death Care Industry

Customer wanted a web-based memorial service so family and friends can share photos, obituary, etc of their deceased loved one

  • Customer ability to create user accounts and add photos, obituary, etc
  • Ability to share memorial on social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Customization for branding and personalizing each account
  • Marketing automation

Project 3: B2C, Job Market Industry

Customer wanted a web-based mobile app to better manage their babysitting schedules.

  • Calendar management
  • Phone messaging and email communication
  • Auto-notifications