Free Resources

How-to Videos – I’m creating a library of how-to videos to help you create your app.  The videos are on Youtube.  If you have suggestions for a how-to video, send me a note.

App Designs – I’m creating a library of read-only prototypes in Bubble so you can see “under the hood” of the design, i.e. the user interface, database design and logic.  I’m also creating fully functional apps so you can see a “complete” design.  Email for info on how to access. – Bubble is an incredible platform for creating code-less apps.  You can create fully functional apps for FREE (no “trial” periods).  If you’ve always wanted to create your own app but don’t know how to code, give Bubble a try here.

Miles Beckler – incredible amounts of FREE high quality content aimed at helping you succeed in all things related to digital marketing.  Here are the links to his website and his Youtube channel.

Free Peer-to-Peer Video Chat – If you’re looking to embed video chat into your app, check out Gruvio.  You can read how to implement Gruvio here or check out my Youtube video.